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Two Deep: Download it now

Our second album, Two Deep, is available for download.

Click the album cover above or one of these links to download:

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Invite some people over and press play. Feel free to donate and join the ranks of the distinguished Paul […]

The Cyborg Manifesto now available on SoundCloud

The next time you’re at someone else’s lame party and you hear an iPod shuffling through a Lady Gaga cd, yank that shit out and bump The Cyborg Manifesto from the nearest laptop.

And yes, it’s okay to take life advice from mashup artists.

Beat Logic pre-Halloween set: 10/30/2010, 6th and Waller

Beat Logic is playing with some funky friends of the Skanky Possum at Cheer Up Charlie’s. Come party with us.

Facebook event:

Download our cd here.